The Importance of Having Fun in a Nursing Facility

Most people do not realize that there is great importance to the activities that are offered in nursing homes. In order to improve the quality of life for these residents, the activities staff is responsible for providing them with activities. Residents benefit from activities on a psychological, social, spiritual, as well as physical level.

There are so many ways in which residents’ mental health can have a tremendous impact on their lives. Residents who lack an active family support system are more likely to feel lonely and depressed. By building friendships, they can gain community support in dealing with their life circumstances, thus improving their psychological and social well-being. By participating in activities, a person can improve their mental well-being and eliminate depression. Groups are great for making friends and getting support. Providing residents with activities gives them a sense of safety, helps pass the time, and gives them a sense of purpose. It is also important to engage in routine activities. Having a routine and knowing what to expect throughout the day can give one a sense of security. Rather than allow our residents to spend time watching TV or sleep, we keep them busy with really fun activities. Activities like luaus, ice cream socials, trivia, sing-alongs, job experience sharing, or war stories are some of the ways that our active resident base gets to know and care for each other.

Residents need to be reminded of their passions and hobbies that they once enjoyed. We honor that here at Heather Hill Care Center.

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