Respite Care

Respite Care

Respite Care

At Heather Hill, we understand that caring for a loved one can be exhausting and frustrating when you have to do it all alone.

Respite care is temporary relief care designed for families of seniors that require a higher level of care. Respite care can range from a one-time overnight stay to extended care sessions, typically limited to 7-10 days. Providers, chosen by the family, care for seniors that require a higher level of care while families go on a vacation, handle personal/work situations or simply need a break from the challenging task of being a caregiver

Respite care is designed to help families and other caregivers. Caregivers of seniors often face serious problems and stress as a result of balancing the needs of their loved one with the needs of other family members. These breaks, that respite care provides, allow families time to tend to the needs of their children, spouses, and themselves.

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The nursing staff are welcoming and genuinely concerned about the residents. They provide holistic and culturally sensitive care that is above what is average for long-term care facilities. The center, while dated in some areas, is clean, tidy and appropriately appointed. I can’t say enough great things about what happens at Heather Hill. To the administration and staff, kudos.

Joshua Thornsberry

The staff here is wonderful. They are professional but more importantly they genuinely care about the patients. They interact with the patients as if they were their own relative. I highly recommend this place for rehab.

Shelly Marshall

Wonderful Facility. They have taken care of my both my Grandmother and my Mother over the years ..
After my mother’s stroke, Heather Hill took care of her and my Family was blessed with 5 more years with her. She would not have recovered so well without them.❤

Karen Livio

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