What is your room rate?

Semi-Private Room: $250.00 to $270.00per day & Private Room (pending availability): $285.00 to $450.00 per day.

Do you offer Private rooms?

Yes, we have one private room.

Do you have dining 24/7?

Yes, snacks are offered in between meal times and upon request 24/7.

What is included in the daily cost?

At our facility, the daily/monthly cost includes meal service, housekeeping/maintenance services, life enrichment activities, and cost of care.

Do you provide laundry services?

Yes, Laundry services are $1.00 per day for Private Pay residents.

Do you offer Outpatient Therapy?

Yes, we do. We would just need to ensure we were contracted with your insurance company.

My loved one is Short Term Care, what can I bring for their stay?

If a loved one is only staying short term we recommend bringing comfortable clothing  and a few personal belongings and favorite toiletries to make their stay as welcoming as possible. We provide all of the furniture and equipment so there is no need to haul everything from home! Let us take care of that for you so you and your family can be focused on the recovery process.

What insurance do you take?

We accept most insurance plans including Managed Care Plan, Medicare, and Medicaid. Click here for our comprehensive list of Managed Care Insurance companies we accept.

What should I bring for my stay?

We recommend bringing 3-4 days’ worth of clothing/outfits, any personals such as personal toiletry items and any electronic devices (which must receive a Safety Check by our Maintenance Department).

What are the visiting hours?

You are able to visit your loved one 24/7. The front doors unlock at 6:00am and lock at 6:00pm. An entry code will be provided for after hours access.

What services and amenities are offered at the facility?

      • Beauty and Barber services, price listing available upon admission or in front office
      • Wi-Fi Internet access provided throughout the entire facility
      • Various activities occurring everyday
      • Shopping Trips available for supplies/personal wants and needs
      • Outings to various restaurants and locations near the facility
      • Cable Ready Rooms
      • Furnished Rooms
      • All medical equipment provided in the cost of stay

Will my Doctor come visit me here?

Typically, no… but that does not mean they can’t. Usually, patients will see one of our credentialed physicians during their stay at the facility. If your primary is credentialed with us and visits facilities outside of his/her office, then yes, your doctor is able to see you at the facility. If he/she would like to be credentialed with our facility, they may begin the credentialing process through our Medical Records Department. Only credentialed physicians are able to treat residents at the facility.

Are phone and TVs provided?

Yes, there are phones and TVs available in all short-term resident rooms. For long-term residents, personal phones and TVs will need to be provided. A cordless phone is located at the Nursing Station available for private phone calls as well.

Are internet services available?

Yes, we provide a free Wi-Fi service during your stay with us.

My loved one is Long Term Care, what can I bring for them in their room?

We encourage families to bring items from their home that will help make their room feel comfortable and similar to their common environment. Personal items, such as framed pictures/paintings, décor, bed comforter, blankets, stuffed animals or statuettes tend to ease the transition to the new environment.  Space is limited, so it’s always best to ask the Admissions Director if the item is acceptable prior to bringing it to the facility. Please remember that any electronic equipment (TV, DVR, etc.) brought in will need to have a Safety Check completed by our Maintenance Director. Our Maintenance Director will also help hang or set up any items that are brought in, if needed.

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